About Us

Formed in 1976, the six founding members met at The County Arms (hence the name) to discuss, taste and critique homebrewed beers in order to improve the quality of their own product.

County Beermakers is based in East London and promotes an ongoing education in all aspects of brewing techniques. Regular tastings of home brewed and commercial examples of all beer styles are undertaken in order that members may develop their palettes. In doing so they can recognise the various styles, identify faults in beers, learn what causes these faults and how to avoid them. Many of the members regularly achieve awards at brewing competitions held by NAWB (National Association of Wine and Beermakers) and the CBA (Craft Brewing Association). While most of the activities are geared towards promoting and growing the home brewing hobby, it remains a great social network for those who share at least one passion; taking a hands-on approach to the beverage we love.

Members often meet up at various competitions and events and a once yearly get together at the Wibblers Brewery in Essex for a weekend of camping, barbecuing and brewing on the ‘Big Boys Kit’.

Past members have included Dr Keith Thomas of Brewlabs and Phil Wilcox, founder of Wibblers Brewery. We’re happy to say that we also have six NGWBJ (National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges) certified judges and one BJCP judge in our midst.

Regular club meetings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 8pm.Please look at ‘Upcoming Events’ for location details. Depending on the agenda and the number of tastings we do, the meeting usually ends between 10:00pm and 11:00pm.